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Frequently Asked Questions

Can I get my windows tinted when it is raining or cold outside?

Yes, the weather has no effect on getting your windows tinted.

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How long before I can roll my windows down after they have been tinted?

The manufacturer suggests 3 days. If you need to roll them down before then we can arrange to have the ability to.

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Can I get my car washed after having it tinted?

Yes, the tint goes on the inside of the vehicle. Just be careful when wiping down the inside of the glass.

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What can I clean my windows with after having it tinted?

You may clean them with soapy water,soft cloth or a paper towel. (Approx. 5 drops of dish detergent to 1 quart of water)

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Will I see bubbles after having my car tinted?

Yes, manufacturer estimates 1 week of dry time up to 2 wks. After that all bubbles should be gone.

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How dark can I tint my windows?

Here is a link to Department of transportation Front doors of a car 25% light (enforced) Rear doors of a car 25% light (not usually enforced) Rear of a car any shade w/passenger door mirror MPV Front doors (Truck,Van) 25% (enforced) Rear doors any shade Rear window any

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What is a legal sticker?

A legal sticker is required by law to go in your driver front door between the tint and the glass. in the lower rear corner of the driver door.. It states the law which it complies with and our company information. They must be in between the tint and the glass. There is a fine up to $1000 to the shop
From the department of transportation law quote

In the past, the language of 547.609 of the Texas Transportation Code was interpreted by the Department as requiring one label for one car regardless of how many windows had sunscreening devices applied to them. As a result, in Chapter 21 of the Texas Administrative Code (TAC) we have only required that one label be attached to the rearmost, bottom corner of the driver’s side window of the vehicle. The only information required on those labels by the Department was the manufacturer’s name and a statement indicating that the sunscreening device met our standards (“Complies with DPS” or “Complies with 37 Texas Administrative Code (TAC)”).

The new amendments to 547 of the Texas Transportation Code make the legislature’s intent more clear. The language appears to indicate that these labels should be applied to every window to which a sunscreening device is applied. As a result, Vehicle Inspection is in the process of rewriting Chapter 21 TAC to require labels on every window to which a sunscreening device is applied. The new information required on the label has not been completely determined. It must have a statement indicating that the film with which it is applied meets Texas Transportation Code 547.613(b) standards. Vehicle Inspection is still deciding what kind of installer information to include.


What is computer cut?

It is a precise cutting machine or plotter, that cuts your year make and model of your car. Preventing cut rubber gaskest or scratched glass during installation Reduces work time by 20%.

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